What is home office e-design?

Online interior design is an easy way to work with an interior designer regardless of you location and daily schedule. To get your home office designed to be your sanctuary were you get work done, it’s in your style and your cannot wait to show it off on the next WebEx conference meeting or Facebook live!

will it be hard to implement the design?

Nope, most of the work is done for you. You will receive a Floor Plan, 3D Render and a Shopping List.

What to expect when working with and e-designer

E-Design is geared towards clients that want design direction but don’t mind to roll up their sleeves and do a little of the legwork of measuring, photograph, manage, and implement your project.


e-paint color consultation

Planning to re-paint your home office, but not sure which colors to pick and what flows together with existing furniture and flooring

e-furniture layout

Needing a little bit of help with furniture layout in either a new home or a rental. Etiam sagittis, ante maximus fermentum efficitur, risus elit aliquam mi, vitae laoreet metus dui nec dui. Nulla facilisi. Praesent finibus elit vitae tempor ornare. Vivamus eget dictum risus.

home office e-design

you will receive a concept-board, furniture layout, 3D-render, and a shopping list with a set-up instructions as of where to put everything.